Team Inferno Introduction.

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Team Inferno Introduction. Empty Team Inferno Introduction.

Post  Kilroy on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:30 pm

Hello and welcome to Team Inferno!

Do you hate it when you can’t seem to find a group of people who take the game seriously? Do you cringe when some asshole shouts at the top of caps lock “PREPARE YOUR ANUS” at the beginning of the game? Are you tired of people blaming their lack of skill on performance issues or “being drunk” or “not drunk enough?”

We’re not the group for you.

We’re Team Inferno. To play with us, you don’t need skill. You don’t need a founders tag. You don’t need proper grammar or a sense of Battletech canon. What you do need is thick skin, a sense of humor, and an appreciation for mind blowing weirdness. A blood alcohol content greater than .05 is recommended.

We’re not for serious, but we’re not trolls. We’re Team Inferno.

PM Nuds for our C3 Channel password and yell at people on the internet with us
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