Just some quotes from the Mechrocomicon...

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Just some quotes from the Mechrocomicon... Empty Just some quotes from the Mechrocomicon...

Post  Nuds on Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:50 pm

Credit to Fats McClure for this one.

"...and they came forwarding, saying unto the Forum Newbie, 'but this is merely the beta, have patience and give the DEVs time and surely things will be be better later, for we have faith in the DEV..."

"...and so they waited for the patch that would make the game complete. And when the patch would come, and the the beta would be open to the public the DEVs said unto themselves, 'if we release this game, surely the greater gaming community will see how broken it is and no one will spend money on our free to play game.' So the Great Open Beta was pushed back. But the Legendary Founders did say at the top of their caps lock, "HAVE FAITH IN THE DEV, FOR THE DEV WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS! THE DEV CLOSES ONE DOOR AND OPENS ANOTHER!' so the greater community waited, and when they could wait no longer, they forgot the MWO and bought hats on tf2, and 5 dollar indie games on steam..."

Just some quotes from the Mechrocomicon...
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