Fake MWO Achievements.

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Fake MWO Achievements.

Post  Kilroy on Fri May 17, 2013 12:28 am

A handful of half serious and silly achievements to give players something to work for.

("Be Outstanding" could mean get X amount of relevant goal per match or over your life time carrier.)

DAKKA: Be outstanding with rapid fire ballistic weapons.

Support: Be an outstanding LRM support unit.

Spotter: Be an outstanding spotter.

Brawler: Be an outstanding brawler.

LeadeR: Be an outstanding lance/team commander.

C-Billionaire: Accumulate 1,000,000,000 C-Bills.

Bronze=1 mastered
Silver=2 mastered
Gold=All non-hero variants mastered



Master Weight Classes

More samples.

Be the best artist ever.
Get a kill with flamers.
Leg a friendly raven. Because those buggers deserve it.
Somehow headshot a non-afk Atlas.

Goomba stomp an enemy.
Charge at and kill an enemy that was at 100% without turning.
Kill an enemy with one shot.
Kill an enemy with collision damage after all your weapons are destroyed.

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